Musica Classica Toscona


Site: Musica Classica Toscana

Web Development: HTML, CSS



"What is a website but a visual picture of words and images that represent the face of an organization or individual. Given that the web can overwhelm us with images, it is crucial to have a web site that can project clearly the offerings of an organization or individual in an innovative and artistic manner. In a cyber world that is ever changing and highly competitive, Digital Branch and its team of extremely talented individuals under the direction and vision of founder, Mark Jedrzejczyk, is on the cutting edge of such creative design.

Taking words, ideas and images from clients and translating them into the visual language of unique and artistically designed web sites is their specialty.

Digital Branch designers work to provide one on one service in an environment that is free of intimidating technological jargon, allowing the client to freely share their organization's goals and personality with a team member that then transforms those intangibles into visual art in the form of a perfectly tailored internet presence; simple in terms of functionality and flexible to suit the changes that are required in accordance with product and program development and expansion as well as advances in internet technology.

For Luci Toscane Music and Cultural Arts Festival, this collaboration resulted in a perfect pairing: Language and art intertwined with their technological counterparts, resulting in a web site uniquely suited to our vision in a timeless and classic design."

Diana Marie Iorio
Founder & Artistic Director
Luci Toscane Music & Cultural Arts Festival / Siena, Italy